Watch as cows steer a suspect into police custody

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A herd of cows unwittingly became police assistants on Monday by corralling a woman out of their field.

At around 2am a car being pursued by police crashed off the road; one of its occupants bailed out and attempted to escape.

That person was quickly caught by Sanford Police Department officers, but the woman accompanying him had other ideas and ran off into a field.

Cows Help Corral Suspect

Our Alert team assisted the Sanford Police Department on Sunday, tracking down two suspects who crashed a stolen car, bailed out and ran. A herd of cattle provided law enforcement a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf!

Posted by Seminole County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Luckily helicopter operators from the Seminole County Sheriff’s office were on hand to help with the search, and their cameras caught a very unusual situation.

As the suspect enters the field, a herd of cows begin to follow her.

They never get too close, but definitely give her a scare by chasing her out of their field.

“Looks like they may attack her,” the helicopter operator tells police on the ground.

Eventually the woman was caught, with video showing three officers apprehending her.

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