Gecko accidentally makes ‘a bazillion’ phone calls from Hawaii animal hospital

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A gecko has proved that even the littlest creatures can cause a whole lot of havoc.

The debacle all began when Claire Simeone, director of animal hospital The Marine Mammal Center: Ke Kai Ola in Hawaii, received a phone call.

A call, but no answer – shortly followed by nine more.

It didn’t stop there though, it turned out that a plethora of others were calling the animal hospital asking why they were receiving the same silent phone calls.

Was it a pocket dial, or a technical malfunction?

Speaking with Hawaiian Telcom, Claire was told “a bazillion calls” were coming from a single one of the hospital’s phone lines.

Claire decided to investigate, searching each room to find which phone could be causing the problem – then she spotted the gecko.

That’s right, the little lizard’s tiny feet had been reacting with the phone’s touch screen – and no recently called number was safe.

Naturally the story has gone viral and Claire apologised to Hawaiian Telcom for the confusion.

“It was a huge surprise to me but I was really glad we could solve the mystery,” said Claire. “He actually did a really great job telemarketing to everybody in our recent call list.

“Luckily the story ended well and we were able to trans-locate him outside to live on a plant.”

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